Our framing services embody a traditional means of presentation, and commitment to the protection and preservation of your works. We work with clients and consult on the most appropriate approach to each piece. We have collaborated with artists, collectors and art enthusiasts for over +25 years to present and preserve photographs, limited edition prints, paintings, drawings, sculptures and beyond.

Precision craftsmanship is practiced at our studio in St. Peters, using the highest quality archival materials and conservation practices, for home, museum, gallery and exhibition display. With a wide variety of mating and framing options, a full range of wood varietals, frame profiles, finishes and stains available. Our frames enhance your artworks, while respecting the protection. It's the virtue we hold highest in our work.

Due to the individual nature of the framing process, all price quotes are made on request. For all inquiries, or to schedule a consultation, please contact us.




Box Frames

Our standard archival box frames are re-known in the industry, via a longstanding relationships among prominent institutions and art industry practitioners throughout Sydney and Internationally. We also work closely with student, emerging and established artists to help inform and assist with the framing process to ensure that their creations will last well into the future.










Shadow FrameS

Our shadow frames are most suitable for canvases and works that require open faces.