Wood Bracing

A brace ca be attached to the back providing structure to a mounted work. It helps to support the mounted piece and provides a way to hang it on a wall. The structure has a horizontal piece called a T-bar. It fits onto a cleat which must be attached to the wall beforehand. The mounted work then hangs on top of the cleat.

Cleat System

Available in wood or aluminium, the cleat lies flush against the wall and two pieces are cut to “lock” into one another, one on the wall and the other lies away from wall. Giving the appearance of the piece floating off the wall.

Aluminium Tube Brace

Our aluminium braces are made from rectangular aluminium tubing. They are warp resistant and stable and better suited for large or oversized works.

C-ChANNEL System

An C-channel consists of a long aluminium piece shaped in a letter “C” form that is adhered to the back of the piece, which is then hung on nails.

Panel Mount

Panel mounts are used to display unmounted prints, with the same effect of lightness and transparency of a floating mounted print without the need of mounting. The print is sandwiched between plexi then screwed together, so the print does not slip out.