Split Batten

Available in wood or aluminium, the cleat lies flush against the wall. Two pieces are cut to “lock” into one another, one on the wall while the other lies away from wall. Gives the appearance of the piece floating off the wall.

Hanging Systems

Graphic Art Mount recommends hanging works from 2 points on to avoid compromising the structural integrity of the frame. Smaller sized framed prints may be hung with two small d-rings attached to either side of the back of the frame, with cord attached to each side. The frame is then hung from a nail or screw placed in the wall.


D-rings are D-shaped rings that are placed on either side of the back of the frame. Two nails are placed equidistant in the wall and the framed work is hung with the D-rings placed onto the two nails. Recommended for small to medium sized framed works.