About May Lane Street Art Project

The May Lane Project is an outdoor street art gallery space located in St Peters, in Sydney's inner west. Founded by Graphic Art Mount in 2005 an initiative of Tugi Balog of Graphic Art Mount together with his partner Dianna Balog. Tugi and Dianna transformed the exterior walls of the studio into a site-specific gallery for street artists which later was adapted to the lane.

Vibrant, dramatic and confronting, the May Lane work spans a range of street art styles, from New York graffiti, spray paint and paste ups, to stencils and sculpture created at May Lane between 2005 and 2009 by legendary Australian graffiti artists and celebrated international street artists.

Detail of the retrospective exhibition that toured from 2010-2012 premiering at Bathurst Regional Gallery can be found here:


For more information on obtaining permission to paint in the area please visit Marrickville councils Street Art page below.


For information on the Perfect Match funding program connecting local residents with wall space and artists with skills please visit Marrickville council's Perfect Match page below.


MAY'S has been curated by Tugi Balog and features works by Chor Boogie (USA), Kamion (UK), Kenji Nakayama (USA/Japan), Peque (Mexico), Taring Padi Collective (Indonesia), and from Australia: B.U.G.A.U.P., Peter Burgess, Cultural Urge, Deb, Die Laughing Collective, Dlux!, Dmote, Adam Hill, Jumbo & Zap, Luna & Peru, Mare, Mini Graff, Nails, Numskull, Otis & Peru, Phibs, Scram, Spice, Zap and Zombe, with a catalogue essay by Adelaide artist James Dodd.